LSR and Inspire Space Park


Some of my favorite places in Second Life are the spacey ones.  The colors, especially when windlight is on midnight, are so beautiful.  One of the first places I visited with this theme was Inspire Space ParkSnapshot_185.  It has gone through a few changes recently, but is still a lovely place to gather and visit.  Sometimes there are events where artists perform their most awe inspiring particle shows.  If you get the opportunity to see one, I highly recommend it!

I finally made it into the Skin Fair!  I couldn’t resist buying the ItGirls Catwa skin applier in Bianca Tan for $990L.  And to really highlight the gorgeous tone I found the LSR Sexy Kely Dress on the marketplace for $169L.  It has a fabulous color hud and it really is very sexy.

House Dunaisling


These are just a few of the dozens of pictures I took at Dunaisling, a fantasy realm rp sim.  Since I was not rp’ing I picked up a visitor tag at the landing point and started exploring.   There are six sims of wonder.  Way too many sights to list here.   The people are kind and helpful, don’t be shy, say hello to them!

Before I went I decided to dress the part.  I stopped by Home of Aerion and bought Eagle Designs Lady Jyral in 6 colors for $525L.  You can wear it with or without the Omega applier leggings.



Trew sent me a landmark to a shop called Justice and I sure am glad he did.  They have some amazing creations!  I joined the group for free and picked up some group gifts then started looking around.  I fell in love with this outfit called Suri.  It was $199L.  I got it in black, but it comes in many, many different colors.  A fun outfit for my new look.

And what better way to show it off then in this darling backdrop by Exposeur called Balloon Dreams.  I picked it up on the marketplace for $50L.

Second Afterlife Cemetery


When I was growing up my mother had a fascination for cemeteries, especially the old pioneer graveyards and boot hills in ghost towns.  So when I found out Em’s friend Kylie has a cemetery here in Second Life, I had to visit it.

The entire cemetery is beautifully laid out and tastefully done, with plenty of room to sit and visit with your departed loved ones.  You can create a lovely place, with individual touches that represent the personality of the one who is physically gone, though still with us forever in our hearts.

There is a touch of whimsy in the catacombs, and even if someone you love isn’t laid to rest here, it’s a pretty spot to sit and relax, or explore.  So if you love cemeteries, or need a place to remember someone, consider Second Afterlife Cemetery.  Contact info is at the landing point.