Trying to Make Friends

I had a bit of fun putting this together last night. It all started when I remembered a Gacha prize from a few months ago.

Christmas Deer Avatar

The deer avatar comes with a very cute AO and is from a gacha machine at Plastik. There are several gacha-random color options. This one is called Petal. Also included are HUDS to change the colors of the eyes and antlers. The deer gacha is currently 150L, but I got it for less when it was first released. At the time of this post, there is one listed on MP for 100L.

The mini Santa hat was a POE Hunt gift  (1L) from PreCast Inc. Included were 5 different colors.

I found the wreath on Marketplace and adjusted it to fit the deer’s neck. It is 100% mesh and would look lovely hanging up on a wall or window. It is from Yolla and costs only 50L

The other deer and backdrop are part of a larger scene from Real Loggia Dei Mastri. It is currently for sale for 99L


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