Snowmobiling at Aero Pines Park


Wheeeee! I’m taking my new snowmobile for a ride at Aero Pines Park. This park is having it’s 10th Annual Winter Festival.  There are “snow cabins, skating, sleighs,sleds, snowskis, saucers, and more!” according to their write up.

Snowmobile — There is plenty to do in the park but I wanted a good place to try out my new snowmobile that I won last night in a Gacha at Chapter Four. This is the snowman version and is made by Boomerang. 60L per play.

Hat/Hair — The hat/hair is by Fabia. It’s Mina Black 1. It is also a gacha item from Chapter Four, but they have a holiday gift version out for FREE. (Chapter Four requires a 10L join fee but the gifts there right now make that hardly even worth mentioning). 50L per play

Sweater Dress — I found the IMaGE Factory sweater dress at their location in the POE hunt. 1L

Boots PROMAGIC Karma Boots + Hud—Subscriber’s Gift November 2017. Subscriber. No group needed FREE



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