Santa’s Little Helper


Today I got a call from Santa.  He said “Mel, I need help going through the naughty and nice list, please come as quick as you can!”  Well, who am I to say no to Santa?  So I threw on my elf clothes and headed to the North Pole.

Hair is by Nole in Neon by Doe.  It was a gift from my friend Em.  She got it at the the Arcade Gacha Events for $50L.

The tank top is a group gift at Blueberry.  It comes with a huge color hud. Blueberry costs $20L to join.

The striped leggings are a group gift at Riot.  Riot costs $25L to join.

The boots (my favorite!) are part of the Sexy Snow Woman costume available at MID (Maribol Inshan Designs).  I received the costume as a gift from Maribol.

The picture was taken at Christmas at North Pole Village and Santa’s Workshop.  It is a fun place to visit and has many photo ops.

The Christmas gift prop is available on the Marketplace for $10L and is by Kiss Me Poses.


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