Christmas Memories

The prize at the Golden Apple hunt at Apple Fall is a set of ornaments. At first I have to admit I was disappointed in the gift I received after an hour of hunting, but then when I opened the box and looked at the ornaments, memories from my early childhood came flooding back. I visualized my grandparents’ Christmas tree with handcrafted glass ornaments from Poland. I remembered hours spent making paper garlands and stringing popcorn.

This gift made me stop scurrying around for a while. It made me take the time to do what I remember doing with my family–decorating a tree piece by piece, memories flooding back with each glass ornament carefully unwrapped from its paper cocoon storage.

Thank you Apple Fall. This was the best gift I’ve received this year.

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree_001Ornaments — Apple Fall — Golden Apple Hunt gift. (Grab a HUD, find 10 apples around the store area. When all are found click the HUD to claim your prize). FREE

Tree with skirt– Meli Imako — Xmas Interior Tree — Builder’s Kit. 100L (15 days of Christmas 50% off sale)

Garland of Popcorn and Cranberries — *HMC* Popcorn Cranberry Coil and Loops. 35L

Candy Canes – .:UR:. Candy Cane full perm mesh. 1L

Star — ~DecoFranzy~ — Top star for Christmas Trees Gold 10L

Memories — Priceless FREE


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