Meet Susie

On our slippery walk yesterday, Mason told me he has a new girlfriend. They’ve apparently been dating a while but he’s kept mum until now.  He hasn’t told me much about any of his other female companions, so I think this must be serious!

He must have overcome his dislike of her holiday fruitcake. 🙂

Meet SusieJacket/Shirt — Baby Monkey — Puffa Jacket 100L with group membership (Group is only 20L). Includes HUD with 10 color choices for Jacket and shirt. Additional color HUD available for 50L.

Jeans — Baby Monkey— My Everyday Jeans includes 5 color HUD for only 10L. No group required.

Boots — Baby Monkey — Fur Trimmed Boots basics with 10 Color HUD. Only 10L. No group required.

Hair — Pr!tty– Girim blondes. Gacha prize 75L

Makeup (lipstick. eyeshadow) — IT! (Indulge Temptation) — Catwalicious Hunt. All prizes 5L

Location for photoshoot — **SuGaR CoOkie**, Kenzo Tange



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