I Can Walk


The bus broke down in the middle of nowhere, but I think I’ll wait for the next one.  Thanks anyway cowboy!

Her:  Dress I’m Real by Entice  free with my gift card .

Hair Adriana by Damselfly $250L on the marketplace.

Pose Apple Spice Red Carpet Pose #011 $40L on the marketplace.

Shoes in hand are from another pose Shi’s I go my Way pose $80L on the marketplace.

Suitcase is a group gift at Lil Bug free with free group join.

Him:  Hat Tied Feathered Cowboy Hat $175L by Hudson’s Clothing Co. on the marketplace.

Jeans Original Jeans by Hoorenbeek $480L on the marketplace.

Shirt SB6-1844 Suga Baby for Men Navaho Spirit Shirt $99L on the marketplace.

Western Bolo Tie 002 Country  by Wild West Games Development $135L on the marketplace.

Hair No.Match_Yes! B rigged part hair $200L on the marketplace.

Shoes A&D Denver shoes $199L on the marketplace.

Realistek Black Stallion Riding Horse $4500L

Background created by myself and Cowboy Trew




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