Browsing at Breakfast

After a day spent sick in bed (I needed far more than just coffee!), I got up this morning and went over to a local bookstore/cafe to grab some coffee and pastry. They have the most delicious baked goods! While there I browsed through one of their cookbooks. (Ok, those who know me–don’t laugh. I’m just looking).

Browsing-Cookbook-webHair — Monso — My Hair — Yunkyung. I’m wearing a color from the Mixed pack. Currently available at SaNaRae for 245L.

Skin — DBF (Deluxe Body Factory) — Aubree Skin. FREE with FREE group membership until Jan 1st. I’m wearing the Chai tone. I’m wearing this skin on the LAQ Neve head and Maitreya body.

Sweater — S E V E N — Luna mesh sweater grey. 55L Thursday 12/28/17

Jeans — Baby Monkey — Everyday Jeans. Current special price 10L

Boots — KC — Yeti Boots. FREE GIFT in their store. No group required. Major mesh sizes and color HUD included. A very generous gift from KC Couture!

Location — The Waterfall Cafe




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