Indiana Melody


My penchant for adventuring may finally do me in!  Spiders!  Snakes!  I hate snakes!

This photo does not do justice to the Gulabi Sitara Top and Skirt I am wearing.  It sparkles and glimmers mysteriously like diamonds.   $225L each piece on the marketplace.  The beautiful choker comes with the top.

Boots are Elysium Bo Gladiator Sandals fatpack $99L on the marketplace.

Hair is DeLa Hair Teffy $250L on the marketplace.

Photo taken at DaVinci Gardens, a wondrous place with many diverse areas to explore.  This was taken at the Egyptian Pyramid.  Find the teleport board at the landing point to begin your adventure.

Helpful hint of the day:   Besides shopping on the marketplace and inworld, I like to shop by inspecting people I see wearing items that I simply must have!  I found a fantastic tool for doing this on the marketplace called What Is She Wearing?   It is free!  Happy shopping!


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