Preiddeu Annwn


I started this blog to talk about the Hucci sale and these fab boots I got there!  Hucci Xian Boot in Warm Taupe $117L at the Hucci 40% off sale.  Everything in the store is 40% off.

Hair Monso My Hair Junghwa $245L at SaNaRae.

Top is a group gift at Blueberry free with $20L group join fee.

Gauchos I purchased on the marketplace a long time ago and can no longer find them.

Now….the location!  I was looking for a good place to take pictures and searched “library” in the search bar.   I ended up at the Preiddeu Annwn sim.  It is beautiful, every layer, every nook and cranny is filled with interesting sights to behold.  Wander around, take any tp you find, any “anywhere” door.   I went inside and ended up in the middle of a story which took you down further and further.  Follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed.   I think I only saw a fraction of this amazing place so will definitely be going back.


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