Gone Fishin’

I had a really busy day yesterday moving to my new home in the bayou. I’m taking some time off from shopping and fashion to just enjoy my new neighborhood and to just…go fishin’.

Since I just threw on stuff to wear from the back of my closet, today I’m going to feature the items around me.

Gone-Fishin-WebFishing seat with Pole — [TUFF] — Fishing Rod with Stool. 80L on Marketplace. It’s simple, just one pose, but how many do you need to fish?

Bucket of Fish — Old World — Medieval Bucket with Sculpt Fish. 90L on Marketplace. It comes with a fish that flops around on the ground, but I detached that. I couldn’t bear to watch it!

Cattails –KIDD Grass Garden –50 KIDD Reed Cattail. 175L on Marketplace. These are some of the best, most realistic cattails I’ve seen around.

Location — Bayou Chat Noir. This is a gorgeous new sim, created by a very devoted group of friends. While this photo was taken at my home, there are a lot of stunning public spaces. You really should come by to look. I will be featuring more locations from this sim in future posts. This is a very active community with some events open to the public.



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