Strawberry Hunt and Fifty Five Thursday


Yesterday I went to the Flawless sim and did the Strawberry Cart Hunt.  You search for little strawberries on each cart and buy them for $0L.  The Salty cart has three strawberries!  And I am showing two of the hunt prizes right here.

First is this beautiful heart fountain.  It glows a lovely lavender color and would make a great lamp in a romantic bedroom.

Next is this adorable Cuddle Kissy Bear with animation.  You wear him and hug and squeeze him.  He emits pretty hearts.

I am wearing:  Outfit by Cae.b Wink pants and Top $55L

Shoes EccentriciXi Shoes Bella free at the Strawberry Cart Sale.

I also decided to try a new shape.  I had wanted to try a shape by [Elle et Lui] for awhile but hesitated because they do not have demos.  This morning I said what the hey and bought a couple to try.   This is Linda, it is modify and I really like it!  So if the fact they don’t have demos has kept you from trying them, don’t worry.   They are lovely shapes and include style cards.  Linda cost $299L.


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