Shop Your Heart Out


I got home from work late last night so I tried to get into the Shop Your Heart Out event one….more…time.   And I got in!  What a wonderful event, so many bargains and each vendor has a free gift for you, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I am featuring some of those gifts in this blog.

Hair Truth Astra, comes with a full color hud and style hud.  Thank you Truth!

Earrings Real Evil Shop Your Heart Out Earrings, they are lovely diamond hearts.  Thank you Real Evil!

Dress Thalia Heckroth Helena Gown Valentine’s Edition, a gorgeous gown!  Thank you Thalia Heckroth!

Nails Alaskametro Dark Hearts Nail Polish, this polish comes with a Pastel Hearts and a Rouge Hearts color options, all for fingernails and toenails.  Thank you Alaskametro!

Shoes, I know you can’t see them but they are KC Laura Heels and have a full color hud.  Thank you KC!

Pose Fashiowl My White Horse, yes it’s an owl, a cute owl with glasses!  Thank you Fashiowl!

These are only a few of the free gifts designers are giving away at the Shop Your Heart Out Event.  I would like to thank them all for their generosity.


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