Romance City Park, Amsterdam at Night



Today I am highlighting Romance City Park, Amsterdam at Night.  These pictures are taken in Romance City Park except for the singing one, that is inside one of the many clubs in Amsterdam.  There is a teleporter with lots of destinations, including the Romance City Park, Red Light District, an MC track, beach, gas station, work platform and a church.

Romance City Park is so pretty, set your windlight at midnight and enjoy the fountains, the dancing, gorgeous statues and dining.

I discovered an art gallery in Amsterdam as well, called Urbanart.  If you search, there is a free painting.  I found it!  The art is impressive and varied.

To visit a place with romance in the name I dressed romantically in this lovely dress by Sharodie’s.  It is Shar’s Shabby Rose dress $25L on the marketplace, or visit her inworld store.  Her clothing is beautiful, the gowns move when you dance, and best of all, she doesn’t charge a fortune.  I also bought the Shar’s Gown Saphire Blue for $25L and it is gorgeous!  I got so many compliments.  Both have omega appliers.


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