I have been so busy in both my real and other real lives I hadn’t visited many shopping events lately.  So today I bit the bullet and started hopping!  First stop Collabor88 where I picked up this gorgeous D!va hair called Ellie for $188L.  ( I bought so many hairs at Collabor88, but how can anyone resist $188L!)  Next stop Cosmopolitan where I fell in love with the Tori Toricelli top and shorts, $249L each.   The shoes are from Hucci, Izki Sandal in Moonglow.  I visited the marketplace and the mainstore and was unable to find them.  But Hucci shoes are awesome and there are lots of other styles in Moonglow.

To show off this cute outfit I went somewhere I’d never been, Silent.  Put your windlight on estate and set your draw to 300, then enjoy the bright colors and beautiful artwork.  There are many places here to take interesting pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.



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