Open Latte Cafe


Yesterday I got a notecard on second life photography.  I was so excited, it has several phototool settings for different types of photography, architectural, landscapes, portraits, etc.  These two photos were taken in the same spot but with different settings so in one photo the barn appears very close when in fact it is far away as in the second photo.  Whoo!

I decided to practice my new found knowledge at Open Latte Cafe Bubbles sim.  It is very pastoral, with fields, a barn, farm animals and equipment as well as a cozy coffee house.  Lots of photo opportunities as well as a feeling of overall relaxation.  And I like the music too….it helps with the ambiance when there is good music.


2 thoughts on “Open Latte Cafe

  1. Emeraldmist Nightfire April 14, 2018 / 2:54 pm

    That’s where Kylie and I met for coffee! It’s a lovely place. Nice experiment with the photo tools.


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