Light and Glitter


I love shiny things, bright colors, glitter and sparkle.  Today I searched the marketplace for body lights, face lights and body glitter and found quite a bit.  Prices ranged from OMG to free.  Since this was an experiment, I went with $0 to $1L.

The first two pictures I am using Weaponized Sugar Face & Body Light Collection, free on the marketplace.  There are six different body/light effects.  These are best seen under darker windlights such as midnight and at higher graphics settings.

The last picture I am using P048 SPOT Bodylights, $1L on the marketplace.  Use one, use two, mix and match as I did here with pink and yellow.  I am also wearing DeetaleZ Gift Animated Face and Body Glitter free on the marketplace.  There is glitter for your eyes, cheeks, mouth and chest.  This also looks best under dark windlights.

Have fun playing with the lights, I know I did!


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