Bayou Chat Noir, Waterfall Cafe & Willows


What a night, what a date.  To celebrate 10 months of putting up with me Trew decided to go all out.  First stop, Bayou Chat Noir.  A gorgeous place, swampy and foggy.  DJ Cadence played the best bluegrass ever!  Next up, Waterfall Cafe.  A place I could not believe was void of people.  It’s gorgeous, full of aquariums, books, cats, dining and dancing.  We took the tp there to the Orient Express and enjoyed a cuddle in the passenger compartment.  Really an amazing place, great jazzy music, very romantic.  Last but not least, off to one of my favorite haunts, The Willows.  It was Star Wars Day, so may the fourth be with you!  (Get it? May 4th, lol)  Anyway we dressed up and danced into the night.  I think we are great Sith.


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