Tres Chic Gifties!


I was so surprised and pleased to make it into Tres Chic last night.  I wasted no time in scooping up all the anniversary gifts all the creators were so generous to provide.  Lag tip…derender everyone there and you won’t have any trouble with lag.

I am wearing DeLa Fitted Mesh Hair Ruby, free at Tres Chic, Safira Fierce Necklace, free at Tres Chic, Aleutia Jules Pink Lavender Top, free at Tres Chic, Gaia Black Shorts free at Tres Chic, N-Core Isla White Floral shoes free at Tres Chic, 28LA Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Nails free at Tres Chic and I took the picture in front of Ninety-Backdrop Street also free at Tres Chic.  This is just a small sample of all the wonderful things you can pick up there.  Don’t forget to join the Tres Chic group for free first!

The blue balloon dog is mine not from Tres Chic.


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