She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor, and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before.

Hair Monso Hyerin $285L.

Top, panties and leg warmers Belle Epoque Flashdance.  Top is $120L, panties are $125L, and legwarmers are $100L.  Shoes are Celie Sneakers $120L.  Belle Epoque and Celie are available on the marketplace.

Prop and pose Ostentation Flashdance $49L on the marketplace.  Comes with chair, water and pose.

Shire Wedding


If I were a hobbit, and if I were to get married on s.l., I would totally do it here in The Shire!  The Shire sim is gorgeous, it is currently under construction and promises to be a peaceful, lovely place to explore or live.

Wearing Tres Beau Ruffled Rebel gown in pink $300L at The Trunk Show.  I know, I know, I’m not getting married but they have lots of lovely gowns, lingerie and other items you can wear even if you aren’t a bride.

Bouquet NSP Wild Flower Bouquet.  I tried to find NSP Florals and ended up in a BDSM castle.  I was unable to find this lovely bouquet on the marketplace either.  Shame, it’s a beautiful bouquet.


Alley Bar by Paparazzi


I was falling behind shopping the sales this week…work has been taking up too much of my S.L. time!  So I pulled up the handy dandy Seraphim website and started t.p’ing.

My first purchase was this amazing backdrop Alley Bar by Paparazzi which I picked up at Limit8 for $248L.  It comes in blue-green or pink.

What better way to show off the colorful backdrop than another sci-fi outfit by r2 Fashion.  I am wearing A/D/E tsubaki in gold and matching boots in gold.  $149L each piece.

Did you call me….Barbarella!?!


Ok that’s it!  I am Melody-ella, defender of the Second Galaxy!  Ready with my laser gun to blast baddies!

Outfit r2 A/D/E akane boots, panties and top in silver $149L each.  r2 Fashion has a lot of cool sci fi-ish outfits in sheer latex or vinyl in different pastel colors.  Very nice for rp or for when you just want to look and feel a little different, yet sexy.

Laser gun Belle Epoque Out of This World gun in pink $20L on the marketplace.

Yoga on the Beach


Besides coffee, I like to start my morning off with a nice relaxing, mind cleansing yoga routine.  Where else better than the beach?  The gentle sound of waves lapping at the shore, gulls crying in the wind and the occasional laughter of children playing in the surf.  It’s going to be a great day!

Yoga Pants  ::B-UniQ:: Yoga Pants $225L on the marketplace.

Yoga Top ::B-UniQ:: Wrapped Yoga Top $250L on the marketplace.

Location Gitzenfrackle Yoga Deck.  This is a beautiful, peaceful place.  And they love backgammon!   There is a boat dock, drum circle, t.v. room and rentals, plus much much more.  Stop by for a visit, the people here are very nice.