Elf School

A visit to Christmas at the North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop is a treat for the senses! I can’t even imagine the amount of time that went into this place. It is highly detailed and filled with subtle humor. Take time to look around carefully. I admit I missed things on my first and even second visits. Elf school is just one small part of the village.

There is also a hunt with 15 holiday presents and a grand prize if you find them all.

Elf School 1Elf Avatar — Brii Underground — 1 of 3 Christmas avatars in a set for only 58L!! The other two avatars are Santa and Snow Woman. They are all highly detailed and an incredible bargain.  (See yellow arrow to find me).

A Friend for Reindeer

Yesterday, I posted “Trying to Make Friends“. Today I’m happy to report my reindeer avatar has found one!

My friend, Ev, loved my avatar so much she went and got one. She said, “): Thanks, Em, for this wonderful tip. I hope you don’t mind that I copied it. I love this little guy, especially the way he runs!” –Ev(canadianlady123)

Ev Reindeer avatar all decked out

Trying to Make Friends

I had a bit of fun putting this together last night. It all started when I remembered a Gacha prize from a few months ago.

Christmas Deer Avatar

The deer avatar comes with a very cute AO and is from a gacha machine at Plastik. There are several gacha-random color options. This one is called Petal. Also included are HUDS to change the colors of the eyes and antlers. The deer gacha is currently 150L, but I got it for less when it was first released. At the time of this post, there is one listed on MP for 100L.

The mini Santa hat was a POE Hunt gift  (1L) from PreCast Inc. Included were 5 different colors.

I found the wreath on Marketplace and adjusted it to fit the deer’s neck. It is 100% mesh and would look lovely hanging up on a wall or window. It is from Yolla and costs only 50L

The other deer and backdrop are part of a larger scene from Real Loggia Dei Mastri. It is currently for sale for 99L