Strawberry Hunt and Fifty Five Thursday


Yesterday I went to the Flawless sim and did the Strawberry Cart Hunt.  You search for little strawberries on each cart and buy them for $0L.  The Salty cart has three strawberries!  And I am showing two of the hunt prizes right here.

First is this beautiful heart fountain.  It glows a lovely lavender color and would make a great lamp in a romantic bedroom.

Next is this adorable Cuddle Kissy Bear with animation.  You wear him and hug and squeeze him.  He emits pretty hearts.

I am wearing:  Outfit by Cae.b Wink pants and Top $55L

Shoes EccentriciXi Shoes Bella free at the Strawberry Cart Sale.

I also decided to try a new shape.  I had wanted to try a shape by [Elle et Lui] for awhile but hesitated because they do not have demos.  This morning I said what the hey and bought a couple to try.   This is Linda, it is modify and I really like it!  So if the fact they don’t have demos has kept you from trying them, don’t worry.   They are lovely shapes and include style cards.  Linda cost $299L.

Free Swimsuit

You do have to hunt a bit…But there are 12 swimsuits available FREE at Scandalize.  (Thanks for the tip, Melody!)

Just look for the watermelons.  I admit I only found 11, but I really liked this one, so was willing to not look further.


Swimsuit — Scandalize — Salvy for Maitreya. FREE hunt.

Hair — Magika — Amuse Me, HUD 1. 265L.

Location — Amavatar Paradise Beach.

Lighting/Photography. I used Nacon’s Afternoon and the Blackwater settings with LUMIPro. I did some additional tweaking in Photoshop and Corel Painter (dusting of sand and surface texture).




One of my favorite things to do when at the beach is to surf.  There is nothing like the wind in your hair, the waves sending you soaring and the spray in your face to put one’s mind at ease.

Hair No Match _ No Experience $100L at Hello Tuesday

Swimsuit free at the Scandalize Salvy hunt.  There are 12 of these suits, all in different colors!  Free, no group required, look for teeny tiny watermelons.

Location Mauna Lani Surfing beach, it’s a beautifully landscaped sim, with lush tropical jungle, sparkling water, rocks and of course waves!  A great spot to explore and surf.



If I am to be stranded on a deserted island then let it be this paradise!  A tiny island off the ferry dock at Half Hitch in the Blake Sea.

I’m not exactly dressed for this, but who cares!   I think I see some rum in those crates.

Dress Robot Dolly Alyx Bare Shoulder Mini….free in the Womenstuff Hunt.

Shoes WS Chic and Shoes Footwear Heather Platform….free in the Womenstuff Hunt.

Pose Pics n Poses-M-Looking Back Pose free in the Menstuff hunt.


That sun is right in my eyes. Day after a holiday and I feel like I need another day off. Reaches for the coffee…..



Outfit — Scandalize — Megan in red, (Stars version). This hunt item generously comes with all sizes and several fabric choices. I think I’m supposed to exercise in it, but it works just as well for lounging around, which I’m obviously doing. Scandalize Sim Hunt 15L

Hair — Olive — The Cutie hair, fatpack. Lucky Board win. FREE (no group required).

Pose/Backdrop — Come Soon Poses, Nice Dreams full scene 65L

Coffee set — {what next} — Rise and Shine Coffee,  Marketplace 175L


Out of Time

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

–Dorothea Lange.

Green Dress from Melody edit 1 smallerDress — Entice — Forever More (green). Gift from a friend, but can be found on marketplace for 150L.

Boots — N-Core — Vicky. Group Gift. (299L group join fee)

Stockings — Insanya — High Tights.  Women Only Hunt December 2017 FREE

Necklace — Secrets — Bey Necklace.  Women Only Hunt December 2017 FREE

Hair — Moon — Notion (ombres). I got this for 100L in a Gacha.

Skin — WOW — Group Gift December 2016. (see box full of old group gifts near the current gift display)