She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor, and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before.

Hair Monso Hyerin $285L.

Top, panties and leg warmers Belle Epoque Flashdance.  Top is $120L, panties are $125L, and legwarmers are $100L.  Shoes are Celie Sneakers $120L.  Belle Epoque and Celie are available on the marketplace.

Prop and pose Ostentation Flashdance $49L on the marketplace.  Comes with chair, water and pose.

Cow Sitting

This cow didn’t seem to mind having me sit on her, but she did roll her eyes a bit. Silly human!


Hair — Mina — Harper (reds) from the Shop Your Heart Out Event, 138L

Top — Siss Boom — Tongue Tied, black (Maitreya). Group Gift. Join fee is 500L but there are a lot of nice gifts and perks.

Jeans — Siss Boom — Plain Janes medium blue (Maitreya). 99L current sale.

Belt– GeWunjo — FINJA Silver Belt with color change Hud. 229L on Marketplace

Boots — KC — Austin Ankle Boots 245L on Marketplace

Location — Whispering “W” Ranch. I’ll have to explore more. I saw a balloon ride, flume ride, walkways, dances, cuddles, poses and more!


Did you call me….Barbarella!?!


Ok that’s it!  I am Melody-ella, defender of the Second Galaxy!  Ready with my laser gun to blast baddies!

Outfit r2 A/D/E akane boots, panties and top in silver $149L each.  r2 Fashion has a lot of cool sci fi-ish outfits in sheer latex or vinyl in different pastel colors.  Very nice for rp or for when you just want to look and feel a little different, yet sexy.

Laser gun Belle Epoque Out of This World gun in pink $20L on the marketplace.

Yoga on the Beach


Besides coffee, I like to start my morning off with a nice relaxing, mind cleansing yoga routine.  Where else better than the beach?  The gentle sound of waves lapping at the shore, gulls crying in the wind and the occasional laughter of children playing in the surf.  It’s going to be a great day!

Yoga Pants  ::B-UniQ:: Yoga Pants $225L on the marketplace.

Yoga Top ::B-UniQ:: Wrapped Yoga Top $250L on the marketplace.

Location Gitzenfrackle Yoga Deck.  This is a beautiful, peaceful place.  And they love backgammon!   There is a boat dock, drum circle, t.v. room and rentals, plus much much more.  Stop by for a visit, the people here are very nice.


Film Noir


I love Film Noir, there is nothing like a dark movie to lighten my mood!  So I told Trew we were going to do a noir photo and I think I found his style!  He looks great!

First photo…A Chance Meeting.  “Hey baby, come here often?” he asks.  I reply, “yes handsome, I hang out in dark alleys all the time.”  Little does he know…..I am the Back Alley Widow Maker!

Second photo…A Knife in the Back.  As he pulls me close for a kiss, the imagined beginning of a night of passion, I pull a knife from my trench coat and with a murmered whisper “good night sweetheart”, I plunge the knife into his back.

Trew is wearing Edelstore Hair Uriel $220L on the marketplace.

Hat full perm Pork Pie Hat $399L on the marketplace.

Suit ArmonyGara Diplomacy Suit $299L on the marketplace.

Shoes LaPointe & Bastchild Tradional Buckled Loafer fatpack $499L on the marketplace.

I am wearing Truth Hair Harriet $250L on the marketplace.

Dress Thalia Heckroth Basic Stretch Dress in nude $349L on the marketplace.

Trench coat !Go! Nina Trench Coat $180L on the marketplace.

Shoes Gos Cassie Pumps fatpack $495 on the marketplace.

Backdrop [LA] LostAngel – Film Noir The Dark Alley $675L on the marketplace.  I really want to try some more of their pose and prop sets!

Pose in second photo, as promised the Kokoro Love is Pain couples pose $150L at The Darkness Monthly Event,  but what a way to go!

Just Me and the Chicken


Dress — Cristal Designs — Karenina Daisies. I picked this on on the 55L Thursday sale on 02/08/18. It can be worn with our without the jacket and comes in just about any size you’d need.

Hair — Truth — Farryn, reds. On sale now on Marketplace for 150L

Pose– I found this “pet the chicken” pose at Mood & Jody’s Mountain Farm. The backdrop is a bit of Photoshop magic.


Gone Fishin’

I had a really busy day yesterday moving to my new home in the bayou. I’m taking some time off from shopping and fashion to just enjoy my new neighborhood and to just…go fishin’.

Since I just threw on stuff to wear from the back of my closet, today I’m going to feature the items around me.

Gone-Fishin-WebFishing seat with Pole — [TUFF] — Fishing Rod with Stool. 80L on Marketplace. It’s simple, just one pose, but how many do you need to fish?

Bucket of Fish — Old World — Medieval Bucket with Sculpt Fish. 90L on Marketplace. It comes with a fish that flops around on the ground, but I detached that. I couldn’t bear to watch it!

Cattails –KIDD Grass Garden –50 KIDD Reed Cattail. 175L on Marketplace. These are some of the best, most realistic cattails I’ve seen around.

Location — Bayou Chat Noir. This is a gorgeous new sim, created by a very devoted group of friends. While this photo was taken at my home, there are a lot of stunning public spaces. You really should come by to look. I will be featuring more locations from this sim in future posts. This is a very active community with some events open to the public.