Welcome to my tea house.  Let me pour you a cup and hope it refreshes you.

I am wearing Milky House Yukata NatuBotan $250L.  It comes complete with geta (the shoes).  The hair is Tuty’s Maiko Updo $160L on the marketplace.  It comes with the hairstick.

In case you were wondering, Chashitsu means a tea house where the tea ceremony is performed.  This marvelous tea house was $249L on the marketplace.  The best part….it is only 1 prim, and there are 10 different patterns to choose from.  To complete the look The Japanese Ocha Color Change Tea Table set.  It is $399L on the marketplace, but worth every penny.  The animations are wonderful and it comes with a lantern, bamboo planters and a food rezzer as well as tea.  The color of the rug, table and cushions can be changed via a hud.


What is She Wearing?


I am a hopeless people watcher.  I admit it.  I also admit that when I see something someone is wearing and I love how it looks on her, I go out of my way to find it.  That is when the What is She Wearing hud comes in handy.  $35L on the marketplace.   It doesn’t always work.   For example, it doesn’t work for applied clothing like this fishnet top.  That is when you either ask, or search for it.  I get tongue tied so I search, lol!

The top is Alessandra Combo Outfit Roxy in black.  It comes with leather pants not shown here.  $99L on the marketplace.  Pants are Addams Robyn mesh suit pants $250L on the marketplace.  The belly chain is TD Mai Tai Belly ring and Waist Chain in Black Agate and Gold.  $199L on the marketplace.  I added my own shoes, bracelet and hair and voila’!  I had her look with my own twist.

I took the picture at Wayward Souls, a beautiful place with beaches, a club, spa, “fun” room and photo booth.  Do stop by and explore.  There at teleporters for your convenience and I had a lot of fun playing with the photobooth.

A Flower by Moonlight


Once in a while I find a lovely spot in the most unlikely of places.   This picture is taken at Violetility Mainstore sim.  I went there for the sale and ended up exploring.  What a heavenly light!

I am wearing AlaFolie Lemon Lady $690L on the marketplace.  I wear Maitreya so I had to buy the appliers separately for $60L.   The rich yellow color and beautiful movement of the skirt make this a great dress for dancing.  The shoes are the Thalia Heckroth group gift for Teleport Hub.  Join Teleport Hub for $10L and get all kinds of gifts for free!  I think they go with this dress perfectly.

End of the Road


I was just chilling out when a good friend told me about a car maker that is closing down in S.L.  Axtel’s Autos is going out of business and all their cars and bikes are being given away for free!  I tp’d right over and selected a few cars and bikes because I do love driving vehicles in Second Life.  This beauty is Slammed Subi WRX Sti.  The detail is fantastic, it has glowing lights, and it drives great!  The title of this blog is both literal and symbolic.  I parked her at the Pinkwater Road Rez Zone which is literally at the end of a Linden road, put the windlight at ss Atomos 19:00 and marveled at the beauty of this machine.  And symbolic because it is the end of Axtel’s Autos.

I am wearing Cynful Rainy Baby Hoodie and Shorts Set $299L on the marketplace. Snapshot_151


Light and Glitter


I love shiny things, bright colors, glitter and sparkle.  Today I searched the marketplace for body lights, face lights and body glitter and found quite a bit.  Prices ranged from OMG to free.  Since this was an experiment, I went with $0 to $1L.

The first two pictures I am using Weaponized Sugar Face & Body Light Collection, free on the marketplace.  There are six different body/light effects.  These are best seen under darker windlights such as midnight and at higher graphics settings.

The last picture I am using P048 SPOT Bodylights, $1L on the marketplace.  Use one, use two, mix and match as I did here with pink and yellow.  I am also wearing DeetaleZ Gift Animated Face and Body Glitter free on the marketplace.  There is glitter for your eyes, cheeks, mouth and chest.  This also looks best under dark windlights.

Have fun playing with the lights, I know I did!