Sunday’s Child


Sunday’s child is bonny and blithe and good and gay which takes me back to my childhood.  I am a Sunday’s Child so of course I couldn’t resist when I saw this slip and slide!  Took a look around and wheeeeeeee!  It felt great on this hot summer day.  The playground is at Tara’s Playground and Paddle Park.

First though I opened up the Fifty5 Thursday List and popped over to D.E. Boutique to pick up this Tropicana Outfit.  It comes with the top and bottom both have a great color and texture hud.  $99L.


Thursday’s Child


Thursday’s Child has far to go…..can’t go much further than outer space!  This beautiful spacy place is Inspire Space Park.  It is so much fun to explore here!  Hop on the anti-gravity orbs for an interesting experience.

I am wearing (Milk Motion) space bodysuit and boots in green $155L on the marketplace.  This is a gacha item so it may not be available in this color but I saw pink, red and blue available.  The hair is Pr!tty Chae short in pastels $129L on the marketplace.

Wednesday’s Child


Wednesday’s Child is full of woe.  What a terrible thing to say in a poem to a child who was born on Wednesday!  I think I will change it to Wednesday’s Child is full of hope.

This picture is taken at Witchwood home to Petite Mort and Oubliette.  It is a hauntingly lovely place and you can shop too!

I am wearing Baii Maii 218 Glitter Gown $249L on the marketplace.  The cloak is S.C. Floating Cloak – Majestic A.F. – Bento Cape $325L on the marketplace.  I love how it moves!  Bento rocks.

Ears and Wings


Truly the fantasy realms are lovely!  And the people and creatures that inhabit them are as well.  Last time I was at the Realm of Light I just had to have the beautiful wings and cute ears the fae that were dancing had.  So out came my What is She Wearing hud and a shopping I went!

The wings are like stained glass, they are Faeline Fairy Wings Sayuri in Sunrise $235L on the marketplace.  They come in several sizes and have a full menu for glow, particles, flutter and chat.  I am wearing the medium size.  The ears are the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried several.  The color match hud is great and I was finally able to match my skin color!  They are FEMALE[MANDALA]FANTASY ELF EARS $577L on the marketplace.  They come with jewelry and makeup you can hide or show and they come in short and long sizes.  I am wearing the short.

Nothing Like a Good Cuppa Joe


Early in the morning I just can’t seem to get going without my cup of coffee.  And there is nothing like sipping it while relaxing at a beautiful beach.  The wind against my face, the salt smell in the air, the sound of the gulls crying and the wonderful taste of coffee on my tongue.

This morning Collabor88 opened!  So even before I had my coffee I headed over to do some serious shopping. I am wearing…..

Carmen Blouse by Decoy in Daffodil (yellow is becoming my go to color for summer!)  $188L at Collabor88.

The Secret Store Fannie Capri pants Shrimps $188L at Collabor88.

D!va Hair Lisa in Brunettes $188L at Collabor88.

and my trusty Gos Cassie pumps which I have included in many blogs.

Location of the picture is Kokomo’s Virgin Island.  It is still in the process of being built, but it is very pretty and I can’t wait to go back in the near future when it is completed.  The owners were there and they were very welcoming.


Angelhaven – A Study in Seasons

Angelhaven…where to start!  This place is stunning not just visually, but emotionally.  As you wander through the sim, you experience every season.  The warmth of summer, the joy of spring, the colors of autumn and the peace of winter.  There is something around every corner, hidden gems to discover.  An artistic work of art you can interact with, it fills your eyes and your mind with not only beauty, for it is beautiful, but with possibilities.  A chance to relive your childhood and find your inner fantasy.  I won’t list everything you will see and even though I took many, many pictures, it doesn’t show a fraction of what you will find at Angelhaven.  Come explore, dance, relax, meditate alone or with someone special.

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Au Paradis

Some places have names that make you shake your head and wonder what were they thinking.  Some are named exactly right….like Au Paradis.  It really is a paradise in Second Life.  Be sure to explore every inch….above ground and below.  This place is a photographer’s dream!  Relax, wander and enjoy.

Aleutia is having a sale!  So I popped over and picked up a few items.  While i was there I joined the group for $25L, grabbed the group gifts and hit a couple lucky chairs.  It really was my lucky day as I won this gorgeous Anouk dress.  It is simple, yet elegant and has an extensive color hud.

Earlier I went to the Kinky Event and picked up these fabulous Eudora 3D Berlin Heels for $299L.  They come with stockings and a metallic color hud.  They reflect the light and just check out those heels!  I could take an eye out with these, LOL!