Countryside Rewind


Seraphim does it again….leads me straight to Rewind.  This month’s theme, Summer of Love.  I couldn’t resist this darling Nell Dress by Miss Chelsea in floral $250L.  I truly feel like a flower child in this dress!

For the perfect backdrop to showcase this dress I headed to Countryside.  This is a luscious place, full of color, nature, peace and love.  It is so beautiful words cannot describe it.  You must visit.



It is my dream to one day travel to Greece.  The sea, the sun, the beautiful architecture and history!

But for now…..I will visit Greece in Second Life.  This is Half Moon Bay, Imia – Kastellorizo – Macedonia Theatre and Aegean Sea.  There is still construction going on, but if what is already there is any indication, it will be fantastic!   There is a club in progress, artwork, video games, a ferry to little islands and of course the white and blue structures that scream Greece.  I love it!

I am wearing Toksik Airy Top and Skirt in white from Kustom9.  $239L each piece.  The shoes are Slut Bacon Mesh Espadrilles $50L.  They come with a color hud and fit Slink, Belleza or Maitreya.




After a brief visit to Netherwood I had to return to explore more thoroughly.  This is a beautiful photogenic sim perfect for creating a story in pictures.  I decided my story would be Running Away to the Big City.  Small town girl leaving home, catching a train to the city in hopes of becoming “somebody”.  But we’re all somebody to someone and running away sometimes leads to returning to those that love and care for us.  I don’t know why, but this rail station, with its antique look and colors, surrounded by green country made me think this.

Every runaway needs a suitcase to hold their dreams and I found this Travel Suitcase with color hud by Ninety on the marketplace for $65L.  The dress is Arisaris/B&W~Gara 53~ Softly Dress $249L on the marketplace.  It comes with an extensive color and texture hud.   The shoes are a group gift by N-Core called Ciara strappy edition.  The package contains several colors.  They are free with $299L group join fee.  Completely worth the group fee since N-Core offers several group gifts and the shoes are to die for!



Swank is here!  I get so excited when it is Swank time.  Off I went, credit card in hand, to snatch up some goodies.  First I satisfied my hair addiction by buying C H A R M E Kenna hair for $199L.  It’s beautiful and frames my face just right.  Of course I had to get new eyes too and finally found the perfect grey eyes for my Vista head.  They are Mandala  Catwa and Lelutka Eyes but also include Omega appliers.  $80L, what a bargain!

The top is part of the SEVEN Betina outfit from the $55L sale list.  $55L at SEVEN.  The jeans are Montague Ripped Up Jeans $89L at The Cheeky Parrot from the $55L sale list.  And the shoes are a group gift from ALB Dream fashion, free with free group join.  Look around everywhere if you go there, group gifts are scattered throughout the store mixed in with regularly priced items.  Sort of like a scavenger hunt!

What a wonderful place to showcase these items….Deepmarsh by the Sea.   It’s gorgeous, so many photo opportunities, poses and props to play with.   Estate windlight gives the sky an eerie yellow cast which makes for some interesting photos.  Just lovely.

Summer is “almost” officially here!


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It was a long winter.  Holidays and Second life have taken their toll…..I need to lose a few pounds!   So I hit the gym.  I found a great little gym called Just Do It Cardio Gym.  It is free to use and has lots of workout equipment.  There is a sauna and massage table too and even a little area to lounge around in.  Best of all….you don’t have to wait to use the equipment!

Of course you have to look good while working out and when I logged on I had a notice for 1 Linden for 1 Hour, Scandalize S. Sport outfit.  It was available at The Vanity Event and I got it at the last second!

Maxximum Rock City

Today I was feeling rather like Batman, or Batwoman as the case may be, so I donned my cape and mask and went in search of evil. Well I did not find evil, instead I found an amazingly well done urban city called Maxximum Rock City. It is a work of love, love of music, love of sex, and the love of creating a livable work of art. Do visit, there are concerts and rentals if you enjoy the ambiance as much as I did.

The dress is Furtacor Hero Dress, free with Maitreya Gifts,  Sales and News group join.  The mask and cape are part of a costume by [8ADN] called BATGIRL but I was unable to find it in the marketplace or inworld.

Chamonix City – Brooks Arena

I found Chamonix City and Brooks Arena by dialing a random stargate.  If you’ve never played with Stargate travel, I recommend it.  You never know where you will end up or who you will meet.  It always surprises me when you end up in someone’s home and they are angry you are there!  Shouldn’t have an open Stargate if you don’t want company!

While at Brooks Arena I discovered several absolutely free uniforms and gear, including skates, hockey sticks and helmets.  They even fit over my mesh body with a little use of the alpha hud.  So after changing in the locker room I headed out onto the ice.  They actually have hockey teams and games here!  And concessions…..mmmmm hotdogs!

Chamonix City is also home to other winter activities, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, as well as bowling and go karts.  It’s a great place for lovers of snow.