The Dark Side/Stillwater Bay


I worked a very long, late shift today so to relax and wind down I decided to hit up the Dark Side event.  There are $10L gifts at almost every booth, so of course, I snatched up a bunch!  I am wearing Pink Ice DS3 3 Color Goth Nails for $10L, Tameless Hair Zabrina in Brown for $10L, TRS Lolita Dress Red Lace $10L and the pose is Kokoro Poses Yori for you guessed it, $10L.  All available at the Dark Side event.

I decided to show these items off at Stillwater Bay, an interesting small town located on Genesis4.  There are several restaurants and coffee shops, a church, police station and shops to explore.  I found a coffee shop that gives free coffee!  What more could I ask for?

Half off Blueberry Sale!


I love it when Blueberry has a sale!  I tried to get in, but it was full, so I popped in next door to Just Because and walked over.  The first thing I bought was this amazing Liza Corset Dress for $250L, not half price but it is new and I just loved it in Color Extra 6.  Then to wear with it I got these gorgeous Mili Boots in Tan.  You can wear with or without the stockings and the stockings have a full color hud.  $125L, yay half price!  I picked up several other half off items while I was there too.  I think the deer are impressed.

Sugar Bowl


Welcome to the Sugar Bowl, what can I get you today?  It’s all sweet, and delicious!

I just had to show off this cute little bake shop prop with poses called The Sugar Bowl, by Exposeur, only $50L on the marketplace!  One of their many items I picked up while they are on sale.

Hair Carla by Truth, free group gift with a $350L group fee.  Their hair is amazing, the group gifts have full color huds and styling huds.

Dress is a past group gift by Ghee.  The Ghee group costs $500L to join but they have several past group gifts as well as current ones available.   This dress is Jan16 VIP Gift.