Summer is “almost” officially here!


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It was a long winter.  Holidays and Second life have taken their toll…..I need to lose a few pounds!   So I hit the gym.  I found a great little gym called Just Do It Cardio Gym.  It is free to use and has lots of workout equipment.  There is a sauna and massage table too and even a little area to lounge around in.  Best of all….you don’t have to wait to use the equipment!

Of course you have to look good while working out and when I logged on I had a notice for 1 Linden for 1 Hour, Scandalize S. Sport outfit.  It was available at The Vanity Event and I got it at the last second!




I can look like my puppy!  I went to Legendaire and found some surprise gift boxes for $10L each!  One of them was this Barbie Girl Sunglasses and Barbie Girl Dog!  How cute is that!



Nobody comes between Han Solo and Princess Leia….except ME!  This amazing place is called Star Wars on a Beach Far Far Away.  When you land you are on a beach, there are all the usual beachy things and some rentals.  But if you turn around and take the path behind you, you end up in an amazing Star Wars themed town.  Perhaps is it Mos Eisley?  I am not sure, but what a cool concept!

I had shopped earlier today at Siss Boom and bought this beautiful Dress Up Denim dress for $60L.  It comes with a flexi skirt attachment which I chose not to wear.

Siss Boom – Does anybody work here?


I really need some coffee!  Should I just step in and make my own?  This cute coffee shop is at Fishers Island Yacht Club, a stunning place to keep a boat or just wander around and look at them.

Before I came here I hit up Siss Boom for the sales and bought the French Smock Dutch and Jealous Brown Shorts $99L each.    They are perfect for a warm spring day at the marina.

Villa at Skytop


Today I searched vineyards and discovered the Villa at Skytop.  There is a teleport with multiple destinations, everything from a beach to a farmhouse, a tavern and even a zen garden with teahouse.  But it is more fun to walk and discover all the beauty in the textures of the stairs to the outstanding view from the top.

For the walk I wore Rapture Dress Minx – Metamorphosis, $150L from their 40% off sale.

Takeuti Town


There is nothing quite so relaxing and invigorating, as a bike ride.  I jumped on my bike and coasted through this cute Japanese town, Takeuti Town.  It is very small, but so colorful, bright and cheery, I couldn’t pass it by.

To wear while riding the bike I wanted to be both comfortable and pretty, so off I went to Siss Boom to buy sb Be Mine grey for $99L.  I paired it with H@s November 2015 group gift.  H@s is closing shop and their clothes are half off, shoes are not.  I joined the group for $100L and picked up 10 pairs of shoes that were group gifts.  A couple were $10L, the rest you pay $1L and get refunded.  The Moonlight Outfit is one of the gifts and it is beautiful!


Foxcity & The Outlet


This morning I skipped into The Outlet no problem and picked up some gorgeous things for next to nothing.  I am wearing Murray x Salvadori Feather Caged Sheer Dress $100L at The Outlet and Thalia Heckroth Kate Leather Sandals also $100L at The Outlet.  To compliment it I am wearing Murray Lauren Diamond Necklace $100L at The Outlet.

Poses are all by Foxcity for $55L each.  1st is Souffle 7m, 2nd is Steamy 6 and 3rd is Autumn 5m with $1L leaf prop.