Progressive Rock


Some places are full of hidden treasure.  The Progressive Rock Museum is one such place.  When you land explore, take all the teleport destinations, climb and sit on whatever you can.  The art exhibits are amazing, especially if you are a fan of rock music.

Wearing JRC Ripped Jeans $100L on the marketplace.   Hair is Stealthic Paradox in Red $300L on the marketplace.  Top is part of Layla’s Gigi outfit $500L on the marketplace.



Jack the Ripper


Sometimes I stumble across the strangest yet most beautifully done places!  This morning I was looking for a spot to showcase this gorgeous Gulabi Helica Skirt and Rossa Top, both in Sky Blue, when I saw a place called Jack the Ripper Scene in my search.  Of course I had to see this!  It is not a large place, but the fog, the period buildings, streets and props make it a jackpot of photographic opportunities.  I think next time I will dress the part and maybe run across Jack when I do.

Helica Skirt $175L.  Rossa Ballet Wrap cardigan $175L.  Gulabi continues to impress me with the details, each fold, every shimmer makes it a joy to wear.

The Dark Side/Stillwater Bay


I worked a very long, late shift today so to relax and wind down I decided to hit up the Dark Side event.  There are $10L gifts at almost every booth, so of course, I snatched up a bunch!  I am wearing Pink Ice DS3 3 Color Goth Nails for $10L, Tameless Hair Zabrina in Brown for $10L, TRS Lolita Dress Red Lace $10L and the pose is Kokoro Poses Yori for you guessed it, $10L.  All available at the Dark Side event.

I decided to show these items off at Stillwater Bay, an interesting small town located on Genesis4.  There are several restaurants and coffee shops, a church, police station and shops to explore.  I found a coffee shop that gives free coffee!  What more could I ask for?

Half off Blueberry Sale!


I love it when Blueberry has a sale!  I tried to get in, but it was full, so I popped in next door to Just Because and walked over.  The first thing I bought was this amazing Liza Corset Dress for $250L, not half price but it is new and I just loved it in Color Extra 6.  Then to wear with it I got these gorgeous Mili Boots in Tan.  You can wear with or without the stockings and the stockings have a full color hud.  $125L, yay half price!  I picked up several other half off items while I was there too.  I think the deer are impressed.

Shenanigan’s Wonderland


One of my favorite stories as a child was Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.  I read them until the bindings were worn and cracked and the pages were dog-eared and scuffed.  The story, the poetry and illustrations feed the imagination and leave one wanting more.  I was so pleased to find a Wonderland right here in Second Life!

This is Shenanigan’s Wonderland.  As you arrive you walk through a hedge of red roses guarded by cards.  Follow the darling pave stones and explore every nook and cranny.  There is a hedge maze, teacup ride and of course a tea party!  Sit in the throne and be the Red Queen.  Be careful what you eat or drink, this is after all….Wonderland.

I am wearing Gigi by Layla.  It comes with the top, shorts and laced boots.  Not only is it comfy and stylish, but has a strip menu too.  $500L on the marketplace.



I have been so busy in both my real and other real lives I hadn’t visited many shopping events lately.  So today I bit the bullet and started hopping!  First stop Collabor88 where I picked up this gorgeous D!va hair called Ellie for $188L.  ( I bought so many hairs at Collabor88, but how can anyone resist $188L!)  Next stop Cosmopolitan where I fell in love with the Tori Toricelli top and shorts, $249L each.   The shoes are from Hucci, Izki Sandal in Moonglow.  I visited the marketplace and the mainstore and was unable to find them.  But Hucci shoes are awesome and there are lots of other styles in Moonglow.

To show off this cute outfit I went somewhere I’d never been, Silent.  Put your windlight on estate and set your draw to 300, then enjoy the bright colors and beautiful artwork.  There are many places here to take interesting pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.




She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight in another world…. It was just a dream. Do you think she could have loved me?   A quote from The Hobbit movie.

This is my Water horse Starlight, and yes I named her after that quote.  I am a huge fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, both the books and the movies.  If you have never ridden a Bento Water horse, I strongly urge you to try it.  There are demo horses available at the Water Horse sim.  If you decide to purchase one, join the group for a discounted price.  Group price is $1755L and non group is $1950L for the Quarter Horse.   The group is free to join.   They have a large variety of ridable horses and avatar horses as well.

I took Starlight out for a ride at Evergreen Escape, a beautiful riding sim with lush fields, tall mountains,  pleasant trails and places to stop and relax.

Before I went riding I stopped by Fameshed and picked up a couple items.  Emery Delilah Denim Skirt $250L and Equal Nora Boots for $299L.  Hair is Sandra Hair Red $100L on the marketplace.