Maxximum Rock City

Today I was feeling rather like Batman, or Batwoman as the case may be, so I donned my cape and mask and went in search of evil. Well I did not find evil, instead I found an amazingly well done urban city called Maxximum Rock City. It is a work of love, love of music, love of sex, and the love of creating a livable work of art. Do visit, there are concerts and rentals if you enjoy the ambiance as much as I did.

The dress is Furtacor Hero Dress, free with Maitreya Gifts,  Sales and News group join.  The mask and cape are part of a costume by [8ADN] called BATGIRL but I was unable to find it in the marketplace or inworld.

Chamonix City – Brooks Arena

I found Chamonix City and Brooks Arena by dialing a random stargate.  If you’ve never played with Stargate travel, I recommend it.  You never know where you will end up or who you will meet.  It always surprises me when you end up in someone’s home and they are angry you are there!  Shouldn’t have an open Stargate if you don’t want company!

While at Brooks Arena I discovered several absolutely free uniforms and gear, including skates, hockey sticks and helmets.  They even fit over my mesh body with a little use of the alpha hud.  So after changing in the locker room I headed out onto the ice.  They actually have hockey teams and games here!  And concessions…..mmmmm hotdogs!

Chamonix City is also home to other winter activities, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, as well as bowling and go karts.  It’s a great place for lovers of snow.



Welcome to my tea house.  Let me pour you a cup and hope it refreshes you.

I am wearing Milky House Yukata NatuBotan $250L.  It comes complete with geta (the shoes).  The hair is Tuty’s Maiko Updo $160L on the marketplace.  It comes with the hairstick.

In case you were wondering, Chashitsu means a tea house where the tea ceremony is performed.  This marvelous tea house was $249L on the marketplace.  The best part….it is only 1 prim, and there are 10 different patterns to choose from.  To complete the look The Japanese Ocha Color Change Tea Table set.  It is $399L on the marketplace, but worth every penny.  The animations are wonderful and it comes with a lantern, bamboo planters and a food rezzer as well as tea.  The color of the rug, table and cushions can be changed via a hud.

Uber etc


I made it into Uber first try this time!  What is the world coming to?

First picture is Ison Farah Top in white $225L, Coco Extremewidelegjeans in light blue $250L and Truth Bloom for $250L. All available at Uber.  I love everything about this outfit.  The picture was taken at Diabolito Bay.

Second picture is Mossu Angelic bra and panties $199L each.  The picture doesn’t do them justice, they sparkle like subtle diamonds in the light.  Hair is Truth Bloom, same as the first picture, but with the style hud the hair is back and the bangs are more full.  All available at Uber.  Picture was taken at the Isles of Ice.

What is She Wearing?


I am a hopeless people watcher.  I admit it.  I also admit that when I see something someone is wearing and I love how it looks on her, I go out of my way to find it.  That is when the What is She Wearing hud comes in handy.  $35L on the marketplace.   It doesn’t always work.   For example, it doesn’t work for applied clothing like this fishnet top.  That is when you either ask, or search for it.  I get tongue tied so I search, lol!

The top is Alessandra Combo Outfit Roxy in black.  It comes with leather pants not shown here.  $99L on the marketplace.  Pants are Addams Robyn mesh suit pants $250L on the marketplace.  The belly chain is TD Mai Tai Belly ring and Waist Chain in Black Agate and Gold.  $199L on the marketplace.  I added my own shoes, bracelet and hair and voila’!  I had her look with my own twist.

I took the picture at Wayward Souls, a beautiful place with beaches, a club, spa, “fun” room and photo booth.  Do stop by and explore.  There at teleporters for your convenience and I had a lot of fun playing with the photobooth.

Scoop It Again


I really do love that Scoop It page!  Here are a few other items I picked up using the Scoop It web page.

D!va Hair Aria free with free group join.  I love the simple, yet elegant style and the flowers are a lovely touch.  Graffitiwear group gift shorts free with $5L group join fee, and Loki Anita Jeans Top free with free group join.

Picture taken at Whispering Winds.





Scoop It!


One of my friends turned me on to Scoop It, a webpage that lists group gifts, subscriber gifts, promos and freebies.  So I opened the page and started hopping.  Each listing includes the landmark and if it costs to join the group and how much, which is very helpful.  I picked up a lot of items.

This blog I will be showing 4 of the items I picked up.  First is this beautiful Lori dress and Sonnet pumps by Hilly Haalan, both free with free group join.  Both include an extensive color hud.  Second is a cute Fashion Addiction Luna anklet with a crescent moon on it.  It also comes with a huge color hud and fits most mesh bodies.  Also free with free group join.  Third is this adorable Jellyroll Alice hairstyle with flower.  It has a pastel color hud.  Free with free group join.  And last but not least, the Fabulous eyelashes by Pout for Catwa, Lelutka or Vista, free with free group join.

I found a beautiful photo spot called Butterfly Beach.  I wasn’t the only one as there were several people there taking pictures too.  For good reason, it’s absolutely lovely.  Do stop by and have a look around and take some pictures of your own.