In the Greenhouse

It’s too chilly to start planting outdoors, but it’s nice and warm in my greenhouse!


Greenhouse — Loggia Dei Mastri — Mesh Greenhouse Rustic with Animations, 99L on this week’s 55L Thursday sale list.

Pose — Chisa Criation — Watering Can Pose with watering can and 10 poses, 100L on marketplace.

Top — siss boom — fancy t aqua, 99L. Currently on sale.

Pants — Lush — Spring Skinny Jeans, 55L. Currently on sale.

Sneakers — ROC — Canvas Sneaker Low female. 99L on Marketplace. I find I wear these sneakers a lot. The color HUD has some good options.

Hair — Truth — Ambriel. Previous group gift. Group 350L to join.


Good Morning!

After reading Melody’s last two blog posts, I went over to the Emerald Cafe to get some coffee. I need caffeine to fight the crowds at the Shop Your Heart Out Event!


Tunic/Pants — Siss Boom — Post Meridian Burlap. Currently on sale for 55L

Turtleneck — Sweet Tea — Hummingbird Dream (Pinks) 199L on marketplace.

Hair — Truth — Irena. Past group gift. 350L group join fee.

Location — Emerald Cafe on Bayou Chat Noir. Ok, I admit this is my cafe. Stop by anytime! The sim is decorated for Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday is tomorrow.

Just Me and the Chicken


Dress — Cristal Designs — Karenina Daisies. I picked this on on the 55L Thursday sale on 02/08/18. It can be worn with our without the jacket and comes in just about any size you’d need.

Hair — Truth — Farryn, reds. On sale now on Marketplace for 150L

Pose– I found this “pet the chicken” pose at Mood & Jody’s Mountain Farm. The backdrop is a bit of Photoshop magic.


Gone Fishin’

I had a really busy day yesterday moving to my new home in the bayou. I’m taking some time off from shopping and fashion to just enjoy my new neighborhood and to just…go fishin’.

Since I just threw on stuff to wear from the back of my closet, today I’m going to feature the items around me.

Gone-Fishin-WebFishing seat with Pole — [TUFF] — Fishing Rod with Stool. 80L on Marketplace. It’s simple, just one pose, but how many do you need to fish?

Bucket of Fish — Old World — Medieval Bucket with Sculpt Fish. 90L on Marketplace. It comes with a fish that flops around on the ground, but I detached that. I couldn’t bear to watch it!

Cattails –KIDD Grass Garden –50 KIDD Reed Cattail. 175L on Marketplace. These are some of the best, most realistic cattails I’ve seen around.

Location — Bayou Chat Noir. This is a gorgeous new sim, created by a very devoted group of friends. While this photo was taken at my home, there are a lot of stunning public spaces. You really should come by to look. I will be featuring more locations from this sim in future posts. This is a very active community with some events open to the public.


Laundry Day

I’ve been so busy moving into my new house that I ran out of things to wear. Time to do laundry! Which reminds me– I better get over to The Wash later today!

Laundry-Day-WebHair — Monso — Yunkyung. 245L at current SaNaRae.

Nightshirt — Satus Inc.– Jessie Boyfriend Nightshirt, floral. 188L on Marketplace.

Pose — Xena Scarmon Design — Cloth line with cute hang wash animation. 50L on Marketplace.

Location — Private home. But I will be blogging this gorgeous sim soon. Watch for it!

Lighting — [TOR] Sunrise– Brillianter Sunrise and Lumipro.

Ooooh Fun!

I read on Twitter today that the Custom Skies by Stevie Davros files are now available on Marketplace. I’ve watched the videos and they look amazing. I downloaded the Free Cartoon Clouds file to learn how to install them on my PC.

These photos were taken at Off The Wall. The first shows the Cartoon Clouds, taken with the Cartoon Clouds Windlight setting. The second, “normal” clouds, taken with just a normal daylight setting.


Normal-Clouds-webAs you can see, the Cartoon Clouds really contribute to the surrealistic scene and make quite an impact.

I will definitely be purchasing some of the other cloud packs and trying them out in my photos. Look for them in my future posts!